Yoga and Stress Relief


With the everchanging and hard-to-please work atmosphere, the degree of stress amongst staff is increasing quickly. powerful competition (both internal and external), erratic work hours, exaggerated overtimes, work politics etc. solely contribute additionally to Associate in Nursing individual’s stress level. As a result, your mind and body area unit unable to address such pressures and break down so resulting in ill health, anxiety, increase or decrease in vital sign etc.

One of the known ways in which to tackle stress is – Yoga. Yoga could be a mind-body apply that brings along physical and mental discipline that helps you accomplish overall peace. Yoga will assist you to manage stress and anxiety. It conjointly enhances your mood and total sense of being.

Yoga includes a positive impact on the parasympathetic system and aids in lowering heartbeat and vital sign, and this reduces the demand of the body for gas. Yoga may improve digestion, strengthen immunity, facilitate the effective elimination of cyanogenetic wastes and increase respiratory organ capability. Effective use of this application may cut back the probabilities of stress culminating in anxiety and depression.

Yoga helps in coping with issues like – migraines, depression, lack of sleep, cardiovascular disease, high or low vital sign, heart problems, weight gain, rubor etc. all of that area unit a result of stress. The postures, techniques, and exercises in yoga comprise of asanas, pranayamas, relaxation, meditation, and respiration exercises that assist you to overcome anxiety. With regular application of yoga, you become a lot of positive and adopt an assured and calm approach to handling things in a very higher manner.


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